Who doesn't love BBQ? I know we do!

What makes a pit master's love of "Q" unique is an understanding of how to create a result that has the right amount of smoke and seasoning without overwhelming the meat itself. This art of balancing flavors and creating Pig N Pit's signature started with competition judging. Traveling from Memphis to Kansas City tasting and judging food created by some of the best BBQ teams, allowed us the opportunity to learn from many different styles.

Our love of BBQ and the experiences in judging pit masters from many regions, brought us to dream of opening a food truck in Middle Tennessee. So, in 2014, Pig N Pit was born! Now, with a focus on delivering really good BBQ with a creative twist, we provide food for many corporate lunches, festivals, church functions, seminars, fundraisers, and any private event.

Let Pig N Pit help with your next event... OR just follow us to our next public event for some good food! We would love to see you there! 

Mobile BBQ Cuisine & Catering