There is no denying it.... Chris & Sherry love what they do. It shows in every recipe they create and every event they treat as though it were their own. For them, it is truly a pleasure just to know that they have helped to create a memory for a client. 

For Chris, his journey started 15+ years ago when he turned his love of smoking & cooking BBQ into a certification to judge in both the Memphis and Kansas City Networks. During the early years, he developed his pallet and craft, while still a student of the industry. He studied the different styles and flavors, and found his own in the process.

Sherry & Chris met in 2009 and discovered a common love... FOOD!!! In her childhood years, Sherry learned to cook. Watching the Southern women in her family in the kitchen, she found that many of the family memories being made were made around the dinner table! Early on, Sherry found her way into the restaurant industry, but moved on to sales & Real Estate. All along, she studied recipes and learned to create her own.

Inspired by what began as hobbies, they began to explore the possibility of a restaurant or food truck. In 2014, they saw that become a reality and opened Pig n Pit food truck. Now focusing on corporate and private catering, they unveil their latest love... a 1947 Ford Flat Bed turned Tap/Bar Truck. They are anxious for you to meet her... Join us in Welcoming Gertie!

Let us Help you Create Memories with Those Who Matter to You! We are Honored to be a Part of Every Moment!